Deathcat Boots Image

Deathcat Boots


Ordinary rainboots also can turn into magic equipment after being forged by Great Sage, Deathcat.

Item Info

Item Typeequipment
Max Stack1
Sell Price150

Equipment Info

  • swordsman
  • knight
  • lord-knight
  • crusader
  • paladin
  • archer
  • hunter
  • sniper
  • monk
  • champion
  • merchant
  • blacksmith
  • whitesmith
  • thief
  • assassin
  • assassin-cross
  • DEF + 45
  • DEF +20
  • When equipped by wizards, Archers, Priests, Max HP +(Base Lv×8)
  • When equipped by swordsmen, Merchants, Thieves, Max SP + (Job Lv x5)
Upgrade ofDeathcat Shoes

Upgrade Process of  Deathcat Shoes

Stage I
DEF + 10
Stage II
DEF +18
Stage III
DEF +24
Stage IV
When the Mages, Archers or Priests equip it, Increases max HP by Base level x8. When the Swordsmen, Merchants or Thieves equipped it, Increases max SP by Job level ×5.
Stage I - Material
Stage II - Material
Stage III - Material
Stage IV - Material
Exchange Price

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