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Doom Axe [1]


The buster, which devours enough souls, becomes the Doom Axe, gives the bearer more seductive power, and requires more cost. Once it is grasped, it seems to hear a voice whispering in my mind, "to split the shackle of reason, embrace the abyss of power."

Item Info

Max Stack1
Sell Price960

Equipment Info

  • merchant
  • blacksmith
  • whitesmith
  • ATK + 160
  • STR +5
  • For each level of [Skin Tempering] is learned, Extra Fire Dmg +10%
  • When Strength reaches 50, Atk +10%
Upgradeable toAvalanche [1]
Upgrade ofBuster [1]

Tier Process

Tier I Atk +24, STR +2
Tier II Atk +24, STR +3
Tier III Each higher level of [Skin Tempering] +2% extra Fire Dmg, Atk +24
Tier IV When STR reaches 85, Atk +3%. Atk +24
Tier V Atk +70
Tier VI Atk +70
Tier VII When STR reaches 240, Atk +3%, Atk +60
Tier VIII Atk +74; [Arm Cannon] damage +5%; +1% [Arm Cannon] damage for each refining level; when refining +15, +4% Atk and +10% [Arm Cannon] damage
FinalAvalanche [1]

Upgrade Process of  Buster [1]

Upgrade I STR + 3
Upgrade II ATK+118
Upgrade III When Strength reaches 50, Atk +10%
Upgrade IV Gain 10% extra Fire Dmg for each level of [Skin Tempering] learned
Exchange Price

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