Cursed Lyre [1] Image

Cursed Lyre [1]


The Cursed Lyre can make the person who gets shot painful to death.

Item Info

Max Stack1
Sell Price241

Equipment Info

  • archer
  • hunter
  • sniper
  • ATK + 180
  • AGI + 5
  • INT + 5
  • auto attack has a chance to trigger [Double Strafe] Lv.10
  • When [Beastmastery] Lv.10 is learned, the damage of [Beastmastery] will increases by 100%
  • When auto attack triggers [Blitz Beat], There is a chance to reduce the target's SP value (this effect is valid only on PVP maps)
  • [Cursed Lyre IV] +[Ranger Clothes IV]: improve the influence of Atk on Falcon's Atk
Upgradeable toPainful Torture [1]
Upgrade ofDouble Bound [1]

Tier Process

Tier I Atk +45, INT +2
Tier II Atk +50, Int +3
Tier III Atk +55, Agi +2
Tier IV Atk +60, Agi +3, [Cursed Lyre IV] +[Ranger Clothes IV]: improves the influence of Atk on Pet's Atk
Tier V Atk +45, INT +2
Tier VI Atk +50, INT +3, [Beastmastery] Dmg +30%
FinalPainful Torture [1]

Upgrade Process of  Double Bound [1]

Upgrade I AGI + 5
Upgrade II ATK + 30, INT + 2
Upgrade III ATK + 50, INT + 3
Upgrade IV When you have learned Lv.10 [Beastmastery], [Beastmastery] Dmg increases by 100%. When the auto attack triggers [Blitz Beat], has a chance to reduce target's SP by a certain amount. (This effect is only valid in PvP)
Exchange Price

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