Venom Dagger [1] Image

Venom Dagger [1]


A sharp dagger made from the purple poison of some poisonous bird's venom.

Item Info

Max Stack1
Sell Price241

Equipment Info

  • assassin
  • assassin-cross
  • ATK + 210
  • STR + 5
  • With a large probability to set target into poisoning state when launching auto attacks
  • For Refining increases by 1, ignore 3% more Def
  • Damage of [Purple Poison Dagger] and [Venom Knife] increases by 100% Poison state cannot be cured by Panacea
Upgrade ofPoison Knife [1]

Tier Process

Tier I Atk +65
Tier II Atk +75
Tier III Atk +90, Str +5
Tier IV Melee auto attack has a chance to release [Venom Knife] Lv. 5, If you have learned [Venom Knife] Lv. 10, the skill will be automatically released. For Refining increases by 1, the skill multiplier of [Virus Diffusion] and [Venom Knife] increases by 5%, 10% respectively

Upgrade Process of  Poison Knife [1]

Upgrade I STR + 5
Upgrade II ATK + 34
Upgrade III ATK + 50
Upgrade IV For Refining + 1, ignore Def + 3%; Damage of [Virus Diffusion] and [Venom Knife] + 100%; Poison state cannot be cured by Panacea
Exchange Price

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