Stone Buckler Image

Stone Buckler


The shield made from meteorite stone, Extremely hard.

Item Info

Item Typeequipment
Max Stack1
Sell Price7700

Equipment Info

TypeOff Hand
  • swordsman
  • DEF + 51
  • Damage from L-size monsters -25%
  • Green Steel Pike IV + Greaves VII + Stone Buckler IV: Ignores 5% Def, +5% Atk

Tier Process

Tier I
Def +17, Max HP +300
Tier II
Def +17, Max HP +300
Tier III
Def +17, Max HP +400
Tier IV
Max HP +5%, -5% damage taken from S-sized and M-sized monsters. -1% damage taken from S-sized and M-sized monsters for each refining level gained
Tier I - Material
Tier II - Material
Tier III - Material
Tier IV - Material
Exchange Price

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