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Sinking [1]


People all say you are a witch, but I don’t agree with that. You are my pure goddess. I am willing to sink for you, degenerate for you, love only one person for you, fight against so-called justice for you. All I want is to accompany you.

Item Info

Item Typeequipment
Max Stack1
Sell Price

Equipment Info

  • Atk +580
  • DEX +18
  • Ignore Def +10%
  • Atk +10%
  • For each +1 refining, Raging Storm Dmg +2%.
  • Raging Storm SP cost reduced by 15%.
  • When refining reaches +5, grants Ignore Def +5%. When refining reaches +10, grants Atk +5%. When refining reaches +15, grants Atk +5%.
Upgrade ofChemeti Whip [1]

Craft Info

Craft Materials

Upgrade Process of  Chemeti Whip [1]

Stage I
Atk +30, DEX +2
Stage II
Atk +30, Dex +2. When refining reaches +10, Atk +5%.
Stage I - Material
Stage II - Material
Exchange Price

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