Berserk [1] Image

Berserk [1]


Equip it and you'll crazily find enemies. The equipment is terrified for users, but the ASPD will be boosted.

Item Info

Item Typeequipment
Max Stack1
Sell Price840

Equipment Info

  • monk
  • champion
  • auto attack has a 5% chance to increase ASPD by 5%, the effect lasts 5 seconds, and can stack up 3 times
  • Damage of [Triple Attack] +15%

Craft Info

Craft Materials

Tier Process

Tier I
Atk +55, Str +2
Tier II
Atk +60, AGI +2
Tier III
Atk +64, Dex +2
Tier IV
Atk +65, STR +2, AGI +2, DEX +2; [Tiger Cannon] damage +5%; [Tiger Cannon] skill multiplier +10% for each refining level; when refining +10, [Tiger Cannon] skill multiplier +40%; when refining +15, [Tiger Cannon] skill multiplier +80%
Tier I - Material
Tier II - Material
Tier III - Material
Tier IV - Material
Exchange Price

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