Elder's Hammer [1] Image

Elder's Hammer [1]


The top of the hammer is decorated with orb made from the teeth of seven venomous snakes, and ordinary armor is corroded whenever it is touched.

Item Info

Item Typeequipment
Max Stack1
Sell Price4800

Equipment Info

  • any
  • Atk + 340
  • STR +4
  • Increase the basic rate of equipment destruction causes by alchemy using [Acid Terror], [Acid Demonstration], [Improved Acid Demonstration]
  • For Refining +1, the damage of [Acid Demonstration] +5%, Damage of [Acid Terror] +2%, skill multiplier of [Improved Acid Demonstration] +30%
Upgradeable toAcid Touch [1]

Tier Process

Tier I
Atk +45, Str +3
Tier II
Atk +50, Str +3
Tier III
Atk +50, Max HP +500
Tier IV
Atk +50, INT +6, Max HP +500; When INT and STR are both above 119J: [Acid Demonstration] damage +10%, [Acid Terror] damage +5%, [Improved Acid Demonstration] skill multiplier +75%
Tier I - Material
Tier II - Material
Tier III - Material
Tier IV - Material
Acid Touch [1]
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