Frozen Rose Ring Image

Frozen Rose Ring


The crystal ring has a rose pattern. Maybe it's an emblem of a big family?

Item Info

Item Typeequipment
Max Stack1
Sell Price323

Equipment Info

  • any
  • ATK + 48
  • ATK + 30
  • Damage from plant monster's attack -10%
  • The wearer will not be actively attacked by plant monsters
Upgrade ofFlower Ring

Tier Process

Tier I
Atk +6
Tier II
Atk +6
Tier III
Atk +6
Tier IV
Atk +6
Tier I - Material
Tier II - Material
Tier III - Material
Tier IV - Material

Upgrade Process of  Flower Ring

Stage I
Atk +5
Stage II
Atk +10
Stage III
Atk +13
Stage IV
When equipped, won't be actively attacked by the Plant monsters.
Stage I - Material
Stage II - Material
Stage III - Material
Stage IV - Material
Exchange Price

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